Neil’s Red Square Project

You may remember seeing my distribution maps like this:

tetrads 2000+ all

where the red squares represent tetrads with no post-1999 records. Some of these have less than 5% land and I had decided, slightly regretfully,  to give them a miss and prioritise other matters. (Some have no land above HWMS or just a slither of bare rock and so deserve no further attention.)  However, Neil has taken it on himself to reach some of them by sea kayak and take lots of photos for me to identify.  So far he has done two and hopes to cover three more during the season.

This is brilliant in my book.

On Pabay, not actually in the adjacent target tetrad, he spotted three of these growing at the strand-line. I am at a loss as to what they are and it is perhaps unlikely that anyone will be going back to Pabay this season, so if anyone can help please say. If you need a higher resolution image, please let me know. Later: On balance I think this is Oenanthe crocata (Hemlock Water-dropwort) showing unusual coloration for environmental reasons.

Mystery Plant

Mystery Plant                       Image: N Roberts


3 Responses to “Neil’s Red Square Project”

  1. Ro Scott Says:

    Why not Anthriscus sylvestris?

  2. Those Red Squares | Plants of Skye, Raasay & The Small Isles Says:

    […] it to contain no plants. There are several like this in the vice-county and in future editions of my tetrad numbers map I shall turn these another colour meaning there really are zero vascular […]

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