Trotternish Ridge from the West

Yesterday I parked at Glenuachdarah and walked up onto the Trotternish Ridge at Bealach Chaiplain.The Lòn Coire Chaiplain turns out to lovely with lots of plants that are always a pleasure to see such as Saxifraga hypnoides (Mossy Saxifrage), Saxifraga stellaris (Starry Saxifrage) and Epilobium alsinifolium (Chickweed Willowherb).

The top of the ridge had most of the things one expects around there but somehow tetrad NG45P had not been recorded very thoroughly before, so I was able to add 114 new taxa to the list including lots of nice mountain things like Diphasiastrum alpinum (Alpine Clubmoss), Persicaria vivipara (Alpine Bistort), Salix herbacea (Dwarf Willow), Saussurea alpina (Alpine Saw-wort) and Saxifraga oppositifolia (Purple Saxifrage).

I stopped for lunch near the top of Flasvein, the high point of the walk at 599m. About an hour later, in fact about an hour downwards later, I realised that I had left my camera at my lunch spot.

It was still there when I got back, but by then I did not have the energy to complete my planned walk around some other highish areas to the south.  Still, tetrad NG45P got more time spent in it than I had planned, and I did a spot of recording in adjacent tetrads to some beneficial effect, in particular adding 30 taxa to NG45J .

Ranunculus acris in flore pleno

Ranunculus acris flore pleno


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