This blog is produced by Stephen Bungard who lives on Raasay and is the BSBI Recorder for vice-county 104: Skye, Raasay and the Small Isles (formally known as North Ebudes).

BSBI is the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland

See also BSBI Scotland

13 Responses to “About”

  1. 'James' Says:

    I’m more than happy to be fully named.

    This blog thing looks rather good, this one in particular. My website called Blue-Skye Thinkers (of whom there is but one and I think I’d better amend the name ere long) has been described as a blog, but it’s hard work routinely collating tumbling thoughts into essays. Just to lay down the thoughts in a formal manner – rather than odd scraps of paper that sometines get lost if not attended to when other matters are pressing – would create a useful intermediate repository for ideas and observations that could be concetrated later as they mature (or fade).

    New ideas – more to do!


  2. Stephen Says:

    OK James Merryweather you are now fully named! Comment re Blue-Skye Thinkers will come separately by e-mail.

  3. Mike Williams Says:

    A little off topic perhaps, but if Richard Moore, referred to in a couple of posts, has any connection with Sutton Coldfield, I would love to get in touch again. It was a Richard Moore I met at university who first introduced me to the beauties of Raasay in 1974. I’ve been back several times since and love the northwest highlands and islands area generally.

    • Stephen Says:

      I don’t know if Richard has Sutton Coldfield connections but will pass on your comment and e-mail address so that he can contact you if he wants. Regards.

  4. Sue McBean Says:

    How do I subscribe please? I hope there is a way of this coming as a link to my email regularly….also I am looking for someone you worked on Skye LBAP with – so please email me, Thanks, Sue (another botanist). Also happy to have full name for any comments I make

  5. frances priest Says:

    Dear Stephen,

    My name is Frances Priest and I am an artist and designer based in Edinburgh

    I have recently been in touch with John Phillips regarding a forthcoming trip I am making to Raasay and Skye to begin visual research into the native plant species of the area. John pointed me in the direction of your blog. I am hoping my research will form the starting point for a new body of ceramic work that will explore ornamental motif and pattern inspired by the plant life of Raasay and Skye.

    I will be staying at Raasay House from the 24th – 30th of May and wondered if you might be able to suggest some particular areas off the island that could be interesting for me to visit. At this stage I am looking to record, through drawing, plants, flowers and trees, that are native to the island. I am also interested to find out if there are any local stories or folklore relating to the plant life of the island.

    I can see there is lots of very useful information on your blog but as it is my first trip to Raasay I thought it might be worthwhile contacting you directly.

    Thanks in advance of any help you might be able to offer.
    Best wishes,


  6. On Raasay | Poems on the page and in the world Says:

    […] The form and design of the artworks – vases, door knobs, door pushes and pieces for sills – are based on Raasay’s plant life, and in particular seven different habitats that host unique and varying plant species: Bog, Coast, Fresh Water, Limestone, Moor, Mountains and Woodland. Alongside these Frances designed a map, featuring the habitats with associated walks. She collaborated with Raasay-based botanist Stephen Bungard. […]

  7. Katherine Says:

    Are you aware of Saxifraga hirsuta at Gesto on Loch Bracadale? I suspect it is a garden relic from the old house but I’ve seen it there for at least 25 yrs.

    • Stephen Says:

      No! There was some on Rum for many years but not known elsewhere in VC104. Can you give me any closer directions, please? As you say, it will be of garden origin.

  8. Burrus Says:

    Dear Stephen,

    My name is Monique, I’m a lecturer at the university Paul Sabatier Toulouse (France). I’m involved in the study of the genetic diversity of Subularia aquatica in the Pyrénées, in order to advice reinforcement experiments. I’m looking for Subularia aquatica samples outside France, as outgroups.

    Apparently Subularia is growing in your region. Would you have dry samples to share with me (plants or leaves)? Would you know people who would agree on collecting plants for me ?

    Many thanks for your help.

    All the best


  9. Visit to Eilean Tighe | isleofronalog Says:

    […] not much up on “flora’, Stephen Bungard at Raasay has a blog and if you are interested it is worth a browse, I often see a Rowan outside or near […]

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