Final (?) Plant Records for 2022

Joanna has sent some additional Skye records from the summer, which include two new vice-county records: Echinops bannaticus (Blue Globe-thistle) in Broadford and Phedimus kamtschaticus (Sedum kamtschaticum)(Kamchatka Stonecrop) at Lonmore.

Phedimus (Sedum) kamtschaticus (Kamchatka Stonecrop)

I have the latter in the garden, where it seeds freely, so no surprise that it has escaped on Skye.

A limited number of Hieracium (Hawkweed) specimens were sent for expert determination this year. All bar two were the relatively common H. anglicum (English Hawkweed), H. shoolbredii (Shoolbred’s Hawkweed) and H. triviale (Common Hawkweed). The remaining two were initially determined as H. langwellense (Langwell Hawkweed) and H. orcadense (Orkney Hawkweed), both of which would have been valuable records. However, I made the mistake of querying one of them and now they have both been reduced to INDET. I may return to these two sites a little earlier in the season in 2023. For any Hieracium aficionados reading this, images and details are available here.

I now have all the records for the Broadford part of the Urban Flora of Scotland project and submitted them to the centre. We (Joanna, Neil, Seth, Steve and myself) covered the relevant parts of six monads and made nearly 1000 records for the project. We made seven new vice-county records during the surveys – all garden escapes or planted – but well worth the effort in itself.

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