Orchids, a Currant and More Garden Plants

Neil has been on fine form, finding Ribes spicatum (Downy Currant) in NG35, the first record in that hectad for 50 years and a new site for Pseudorchis albida (Small-white Orchid) in NG46, the only previous record being very vague and from 1954.

Pseudorchis albida (Small-white Orchid) Image N. Roberts

This could be a good year for this orchid as John reports 13 in flower in his garden in Waternish, well up on previous years.

There is a large patch of Kniphofia uvaria (Red-hot-poker) by the roadside near Brogaig, as Seth pointed out a few years ago. With it are Symphoricarpos albus (Snowberry), Symphoricarpos x chenaultii (Pink Snowberry – fifth VC record), Cotoneaster simonsii (Himalayan Cotoneaster) and this, which I am sure will be obvious once it is flowering properly but which at the moment I haven’t managed to identify:

Later: Sidalcea probably S. malviflora (Greek Mallow).


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