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I have been away for three periods of several nights in May and most of the nights I have been here were not suitable for moth trapping. I did manage to put out the trap on one night and added two to my May list, The Engrailed and Brindled Pug, but I have had both of these in the month of April, so no great surprise. Just before the end of April, I had a Puss Moth in the trap for the first time.

Out on the moor I have seen my first Silver Y moth of the year, a migratory species that usually arrives in May, and during the Skye Botany Group outing Neil spotted Clepsis senecionana (Obscure Twist). We also saw a Four-spotted Chaser (Libellula quadrimaculata), the first dragonfly of the year for many of us.

This Mayfly was by a burn on Raasay and is Ecdyonurus torrentis, a useful record for northwest Scotland.

In the garden, something very small is mining a rose leaf and in leaf litter in nearby woodland I came across the object shown below. I do not know what this is. It is soft and I have put it in a pot in case anything emerges.

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