More Plants

An excursion along the side road that runs through Eyre on Skye led to a new VC record: Anchusa azurea (a garden escape) and also the third site for Pulmonaria saccharata (Bethlehem-sage) and the fifth for Allium triquetrum (Three-cornered Garlic).

Anchusa azurea (Garden Anchusa)

Yesterday Skye Botany Group visited the Ophioglossum azoricum (Small Adder’s-tongue) site at Dun Scaich in Sleat. It was still small but showing well (for its size) with some fertile fronds amongst the sterile ones. The Ophioglossum project looking for new sites for O. azoricum on Skye and O. vulgatum in the north of Skye can now get started in earnest.

We added Festuca ovina (Sheep’s-fescue) to the list for the 10 km square NG51 and a total of 35 new tetrad records split between the four tetrads we passed through, the majority of additions being in the Dun Scaich square.

Perhaps the most interesting find of the day was made when most folks had gone. Neil and Wilma wandered into a marsh that spans all four of the day’s 1 km squares (and as it happens, that also means four tetrads and two 10 km squares) and found Hippuris vulgaris (Mare’s-tail). This is quite uncommon in the vice-county and it was in all four squares. There was also Carex canescens (White Sedge) and a variety of other aquatics and semi-aquatics that merit a re-visit.

Hippuris vulgaris (Mare’s-tail) Image: Seth Gibson


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