Plant Records

As we approach 1000 plant records for the vice-county this year, I should report a few recent highlights. Joanna has found what she thinks may be young Rhus typhina (Stag’s-horn Sumach) near Dunvegan, whilst very close by Seth has spotted Veronica hederifolia (Ivy-leaved Speedwell), though a decision on subspecies will have to await flowers. Rhus would be new to the vice-county and the Speedwell has only three previously known sites on Skye.

Joanna has also found Fritillaria meleagris (Fritillary) in Harlosh where it has spread across the road from a garden – new to the vice-county.

Meanwhile, Steve has spotted Berberis thunbergii (Thunberg’s Barberry) in Broadford. This is new to Skye though known on Raasay and with an old (1959) record from Rum.

Further south, Seth has found Centranthus ruber (Red Valerian) at Kyleakin, the white-flowered form. This species has been known in and around the Gun Court at Dunvegan Castle since the 1950s and more recently (2016) elsewhere in Dunvegan, so Kyleakin is the third site in the vice-county.

All photos are by the recorders.


5 Responses to “Plant Records”

  1. abolasabout Says:

    Hi – is the Berberis native? I feel like i’ve seen a few of this genus but mostly garden escapees

  2. Stephen Says:

    No, not native. A garden escape or planted.

  3. David Broughton (VC64) Says:

    Hi Stephen. I don’t think this is Rhus, it looks very similar to Aruncus dioicus, although perhaps not serrate enough. Other thought is Aralia cordata. I think the Veronica may be a Geum seedling (lots in my garden), does not look right for ivy leaved speedwell.

    • Stephen Says:

      Many thanks, David. Rhus didn’t look entirely right to me either – nor to David Pearman to whom I copied some images. I will go and see it myself in a few days, pausing to look at Aruncus dioicus in Portree on the way – though that doesn’t look right either TBH. I don’t know Aruncus dioicus. Does it have those seriously hairy stems?
      Re Veronica hederfolia, neither Seth (the finder) nor I initiaily liked that answer but I sent images to Rod Corner who said “I’ve had a look at the images and I’m sure the leaf belongs to Veronica hederifolia but am unable to state with certainty whether it is ssp. lucorum or ssp hederifolia. I’ve collected plants from woodland here today and the leaf shape seems to agree with ssp. hederifolia”.
      Again, I shall go at look at it myself in a few days.

  4. Stephen Says:

    Having been to see it, my best bet is one of the Astilbe x arendsii group.

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