Plant News

Seth has been busy, finding a host of garden throw-outs and planted specimens in Kyleakin including the following that are new to the vice-county: Brassica oleracea cultivated variant, Hyacinthus orientalis (Hyacinth) and Levisticum officinale (Lovage).

He has also had a close look at a dandelion and determined it as Taraxacum pseudohamatum, confirmed by Alex Prendergast. Also new to VC104!

Meanwhile, John has been checking Araucaria araucana (Monkey-puzzle) near Dunvegan and has found what appears to be a self-seeded one not far from the last remaining specimen of a group planted many moons ago.

Araucaria araucana (Monkey-puzzle) near Dunvegan Photo: J Hawell

Joanna, Neil and Wilma climbed Beinn Bhac-ghlais and added a number of new tetrad records, including only the fifth in that area of Skye for Saxifraga stellaris (Starry Saxifrage).

Saxifraga stellaris on Beinn Bhac-ghlais Photo: J Walmisley


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