Plant Records

November has seen a rash of new 10 km square plant records, mostly garden escapes/throwouts/plantings but also a few others such as:

Lemna minor (Duclweed)NG24Joanna
Anthriscus sylvestris (Cow Parsley)NG15 Seth
Polypodium interjectum (Intermediate Polypody)NG24Seth
Rosa canina (Dog-rose) NG46Me, Neil & Seth
Spergularia marina (Lesser Sea-spurrey)NG46Me, Neil & Seth
Polypodium interjectum (Intermediate Polypody)NG72Me, Nick & Seth
Lemna minor at Harlosh Photo: J Walmisley
Polypodium interjectum (Intermediate Polypody). This one from Raasay


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