Loch na Crèitheach

Ten members of Skye Botany Group went to Loch na Crèitheach, north of Camasunary on Skye last week. We were in search of Potamogeton epihydrus (American Pondweed) based on a putative record from 1989. It was never fully confirmed and as a native plant it is only known in a few lochans in the Outer Isles. Despite our best efforts including snorkelling, wading, grapnels from the shore, a boat with grapnels and bathyscope, and shore searches, the only Potamogeton we found was the common P. polygonifolius.

On reaching Loch na Crèitheach Image J Walmisley

However, at Camasunary we re-found Carex arenaria (Sand Sedge), last recorded there in 1974 and we added about forty taxa to the list for the Camasunary tetrad (NG51E).

Whilst using a grapnel from the boat we obtained an unusual looking moss of which Nick says, after seeing a specimen: “I was really puzzled by it for a while until I did a cross section of the leaf and found it had vestigial lamellae on the surface of the nerve, so it must be a submerged form of Polytrichum commune (Haircap moss).”

Polytrichum commune


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