Actually, Make that Six

I had another look at images of this moth from the same period as those shown in my last post:

Udea decrepitalis

I realised it looked like Udea decrepitalis (Scotch Pearl) and this was confirmed by Mark Young. Another local rarity!


4 Responses to “Actually, Make that Six”

  1. Seth Says:

    Three years to the day since we had one on your Raasay Walk to Fearns! Good to know they’re resident, rather than the first being a windblown vagrant 🙂

  2. Stephen Says:

    So why isn’t that one on NBN I wonder?

    • Seth Says:

      No idea, it’s in the spreadsheet “Jan-Jun 2018” (I’ve just double-checked) which I sent to Keith a long while back.

  3. Stephen Says:

    Ah. Well, it won’t get onto NBN that way.

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