The Raasay Mines

A little over one hundred years ago a poor seam of iron ore on Raasay was mined for strategic purposes. A splendid book about the mine was published in 1990 and subsequently updated:

There was both opencast and underground mining. A barrier across the entrance to No. 1 Mine was put in place quite a lot of years ago:

This is what the entrances to No. 2 Mine looked like in 1917:

but this one was never worked owing to geological issues and subsequently the entrances were partially filled in. The biggest remaining hole looks like this:

The lower entrance is even less inviting:

I had started checking on these in the hope of finding hibernating Herald moths and perhaps other interesting critters, but I have decided that discretion is the better part of valour. In addition to a torch one would need ropes, back-up, absoultely no sense of claustrophobia and possibly a deathwish.

Anyway, I did find this spider in one of the entrances:

Metellina merianae


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