The weather and lockdown have limited activity considerably, but I have managed a few things such as second records for Raasay for Cupressus lawsoniana (Lawson’s Cypress) and Olearia macrodonta (New Zealand Holly), the former planted, the latter looking self-sown.

Yesterday the gorse near the shore yielded a spider, Metellina sp.

Metellina sp.

and several types of fly:

A window gnat. Sylvicola sp. probably S.cinctus

If it hadn’t escaped I could have got it to species as Seth pointed me towards a relatively simple key to the four British species. Also, there were a couple of Black Flies (I’m not tackling them), a common seaweed fly Coelopa frigida, though not so common in January, and a Heteromyza, possibly H. commixta but perhaps H. rotundicornis – it may be possible to sort this out with expert help. Later: confirmed as H. commixta.

Thanks to Seth (flies) and Katie (spider) for identifaction.

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3 Responses to “January”

  1. abolasabout Says:

    Hi, we recorded the same species of spider – but do you know the name of it? (Also, do you use iNaturalist for these??)

  2. Stephen Says:

    In order to get her to species, I would have to grow her up until she has her final moult and becomes adult. At that point, the epigyne will be revealed, which is distinctive for species. Likewise, if it were male, but in that instance it would be the pedipalps that would be revealed after the final moult.
    She has gone back to her gorse bush.

  3. Stephen Says:

    The UK Spiders Facebook group is very helpful.

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