Plant Matters

The final batch of Hieracium specimens for the year produced two notable species, H. dasythrix (Dense-haired Hawkweed) on Glamaig with only one previous record in the vice-county (in 1973) and H. cyclicum (Round-leaved Hawkweed) from Leathad Beithe (Talisker) which has five earlier records, one in 2002, the rest considerably earlier.

I started the year with five specific Hieracium targets in addition to the more general suveying:

  • Seth’s 2019 H. beebyanum or H. deganwyense at Uig
  • My H. subcrinellum at Allt Daraich, Sligachan
  • An attempt to refind H. stenopholidium at Hallaig, Raasay
  • My 2019 H. reticulatiforme or H. strictiforme at Talisker
  • H. drummondii at Laig, Eigg

None of these has been fully resolved:

  • Seth’s Uig plant matches no known species but before attempting to describe it as a new species it would have to be found in other locations.
  • Only H.shoolbredii and H. anglicum have been found at the Allt Daraich site.
  • H. stenopholidium was not found at Hallaig.
  • H. cyclicum and H. triviale have been found at the Talisker site.
  • I did not get to Eigg.

Elsewhere Joanna and Julian have moved to Harlosh and found Lepidium didymum (Lesser Swine-cress) as a weed in their garden – a first for the vice-county.

Lepidium didymum (Lesser Swine-cress)
Lepidium didymum (Lesser Swine-cress)

Neil and Seth have each been adding useful records for e.g. Salix purpurea (Purple Willow) and Zostera marina (Eelgrass).


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