An Interesting Mothtrapful

A couple of nights ago the trap yielded 27 moths including

  • four Eudonia angustea – I usually see one or two of those a year
  • A Bee Moth
  • and the star of the show, Satin Beauty – the second record ever for VC 104.
Eudonia angustea

Eudonia angustea      Narrow-winged Grey

Bee moth

Aphomia sociella   Bee Moth

Satin Beauty

Satin Beauty

Roy Leverton who confirmed Keith’s identification says, “Those plumose antennae alone are sufficient. Also characteristic is the wear. Wild-caught ones are typically worn. I wonder whether the scales are more loosely attached than in similar species.”

Also in the trap were three sexton beetles, Nicrophorus investigator and two small caddisflies. Jason Doe says that the second is a Hydropsyche sp. – the antennae have helical ridges and the first looks like a Limnephilid, with the prominent black spines on the legs.

Caddis 200808 #1

Caddis #1

Caddis 200808 #2

Caddis #2

I am afraid that is as far as I am going with those.

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