Other Insects (Not Moths)

This well-marked bug came in with the moth trap. I am not sure if it was actually in it, but Stephen Moran who identified it for me says it may well have been.

Neolygus viridis

Neolygus viridis

Another one came in with some Leycesteria formosa (Himalayan Honeysuckle or Pheasant Berry) heading for a vase, but will have to wait for full determination:

Orthotylus sp.

Orthotylus sp.

When I was at Brae the other day it was quite windy so most moths I disturbed, and there were quite a few, took off like rockets into the distance. However, I did sweep a weevil off bracken, which turned out to be Otiorhynchus scaber, a largely Scottish species. “A nice find which fills in a bare patch on current maps.” according to Stephen Moran.

Otiorhynchus scaber

Otiorhynchus scaber

However, Richard Moore found it a number of times on Raasay. Many of his records will appear on NBN soon. I will post about this separately, fairly soon.


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