Hawkweeds of Raasay

I collected thirty specimens of Hieracium from Raasay between 11th June and 1st July and sent them to David McCosh who found eight species:

  1. H. anglicum (English Hawkweed) 3 sites
  2. H. hebridense (Hebridean Hawkweed) 6 sites
  3. H. oxybeles (Pointed-leaved Hawkweed) 3 sites
  4. H. pollinarioides Calcareous Hawkweed) 1 site
  5. H. praesigne (Distinguished Hawkweed)) 1 site
  6. H. shoolbredii (Shoolbred’s Hawkweed) 8 sites
  7. H. silvaticoides (Wood Hawkweed) 2 sites
  8. H. triviale (Common Hawkweed, previously H. vulgatum) 6 sites

David says “H. silvaticoides is rare in Scotland, probably reflecting the rarity of limestone, but is quite common on limestone in the north of England”. These two records are the first for Raasay and indeed, for northwest Scotland. More work is planned for Hawkweeds this year – in fact, it has already started.

If you are a glutton for punishment you can see details and images of all these plants here.

Hieracium silvaticoides (Wood Hawkweed)

Hieracium silvaticoides (Wood Hawkweed)



3 Responses to “Hawkweeds of Raasay”

  1. Seth Gibson Says:

    Most excellent, you’ve far outstripped my meagre Hieracium efforts this year!

  2. Stephen Says:


  3. Plant News plus Fungi | Plants of Skye, Raasay & The Small Isles Says:

    […] trouble with finding Hieracium silvaticoides (Wood Hawkweed) is that it casts into doubt earlier records in the vice-county for the very similar […]

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