Moth News

At Brochel I came across two micro-moths of interest. The first is a Bactra sp. that I have sent off for dissection as there is a chance that it is Bactra lacteana which would be exciting this far north, but perhaps more likely B. lancealana which we do have hereabouts. Later: Confirmed as Bactra lacteana – new to the vice-county.

Bactra sp

Bactra sp.

This is a poorly marked Glyphipterix thrasonella (Speckled Fanner):

Glyphipterix thrasonella

Glyphipterix thrasonella

It is described by UKMoths as “A rather distinctive species of Glyphipterix, with its silver and black markings against a bronzy forewing….” However, Nigel who identified it for me, says “I find these poorly marked examples much more frequently than the well-marked type”.

On a larger scale, I have been finding Mottled Beauty e.g. this one on the headlight of a friend’s car

Mottled Beauty

Mottled Beauty

and Silver Y which is easily disturbed from grassland but flies away fast and travels a long way. The only one I have managed to get a halfway decent picture of was this worn specimen:




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