Things on Lime Trees

Following up on an article in the recent issue of The Highland Naturalist concerning inter alia the Lime Aphid, Eucallipterus tiliae, I went to look at the Lime (Tilia x europaea) trees in Raasay House grounds. I did find a very few aphids but not at a stage that I could identify. It was a bit impatient really, considering that the image accompanying the article was taken in mid-October.

Aphid on Tilia x europaea

Aphid on Tilia x europaea

However, I did find two sorts of gall, each recorded only once on NBN for the vice-county, both in Portree, one by Carl and one by Neil at rather different times.

This is caused by the dipteran, Contarinia tiliarum:

Contarinia tiliaru

Contarinia tiliarum on Tilia x europaea

and this by the mite Eriophyes leiosoma:

It seems likely that these galls and in due course perhaps the aphid, are waiting to be found on limes across the patch.

Lime map

Known Distribution of LIme Trees

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