In the Garden 22 April 2020

I think this is the way forward for naming my posts as I am pretty much confined to my house and garden. In my last post I forgot to mention Luzula campestris (Field Wood-rush) amongst the flowering weeds:

Luzula campestris (Field Wood-rush)

Luzula campestris (Field Wood-rush)

and now I can add Veronica peregrina (American Speedwell), not a very pretty thing and a pernicious weed flowering and seeding profusely for much of the year.

Veronica peregrina

Veronica peregrina (American Speedwell)

It is our fault for accidentally bringing it with us from Lancashire decades ago.

Yesterday and today have seen a number of moths in the polytunnel: Clouded Drab, Early Grey, Early Tooth-stripe and Flame Carpet, but today there was Clark’s Mining Bee (Andrena clarkella) a smart-looking beastie that I have not recorded here before.


I had another spiny-winged fly which may be the same as the last – Heteromyza commixta – but I await expert opinion. Later: Apparently it is a female Gymnomus sp. but apparently females of that genus are not reliably told apart. (Thanks, Ian.)

Spiny-winged Fly

Spiny-winged Fly

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