Score Horan

Skye Nature Group went to Score Horan on Saturday. Emma captured this cranefly which Seth thinks may be Tipula pagana (Murdo also says probably, but reserves judgment until he sees it). If so, it is the first Skye record on NBN.

Tipula pagana

Tipula pagana probably

We also found the Common Striped Woodlouse, which neither Seth nor I had seen on Skye before, though there are a few records.

We re-found a 1968 record for Ligusticum scoticum (Scots Lovage) at Oans and rather more a short distance along the coast at Stac a’ Bhothain and made the first record for Dryopteris aemula (Hay-scented Buckler-fern) in the 10km square NG25.

Most interesting, to me anyway, was the Duckweed. It has recently been realised that Lemna minor (Common Duckweed) has been over-recorded for Lemna gibba (Fat Duckweed) that fails to be fat. What we found on Saturday is indeed flat Fat Duckweed.

Lemna gibba

Lemna gibba

It is possible that flat Fat Duckweed is an unrecognised taxon rather than just L. gibba that fails to fatten up. So this is a first record for the vice-county (Hoorah!) but may mean that all previous records of L. minor are in error (Boo!)

More, probably much more, after my Duckweed Safari planned for tomorrow…..

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