Raasay Flora

I stopped updating the Flora of Raasay & Rona some time ago but I have decided that additions to the Raasay list should be added. So Leycesteria formosa (Himalayan Honeysuckle or Pheasant Berry) and Crocosmia pottsii (Potts’ Montbretia) have been added.

There has been wildflower seed planting at Raasay Distillery last year and near the Larch Box this year but I am ignoring these plants unless they persist and spread.

I have put a list of the taxonomic and name changes that affect the Raasay flora here. One day I may find the time and energy to update the published Flora with the these changes.

There are further changes that affect the rest of the VC104 flora such as:

  • Saxifraga nivalis and S. stellaris to Micranthes nivalis and M. stellaris
  • All Mimulus to Erythranthe
  • Persicaria bistorta to Bistorta officinalis
  • Aster x salignus to Symphyotrichum x salignum
  • Senecio x ostenfeldii to Jacobaea x ostenfeldii
  • Apium nodiflorum to Helosciadium nodiflorum
  • Carum verticillatum to Trocdaris verticillata
  • Ruppia cirrhosa to Ruppia spiralis
  • Elytrigia juncea to Elymus junceiformis


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