That Melilotus

The Melilot from Lower Breakish has survived well in water and continues to develop:

Melilotus 2

Melilotus from Lower Breakish

I noted these long stipules



and looking at the illustrations by Sybil Roles that accompanied Clapham, Tutin & Warburg (1965) this clearly suggested Melilotus altissimus (Tall Melilot).

Melilot Stipules Roles

Melilot Stipules – Roles

However, more modern floras do not mention the stipules except that Sell & Murrell say for M. altissimus stipules 5-6mm, subulate, dentate at base and for M. officinalis stipules 5-7mm, subulate, dentate at base. Hmm… not much difference there and if anything the length on my plant suggests M. officinalis.

Stipule length

Stipule length

The fruits are developing but not yet ripe. However, the calyx is hairy as in M. altissimus (though not very) and the fruit shows no sign of the ribs typical of M. officinalis

Hairy Calyx

Hairy Calyx

Melilotus fruits from Stace

Melilotus fruits from Stace

Oh, and there appear to be two seeds per fruit, typical of M. altissimus:

Two seeds

Two seeds

and the flowers seem to have the keel ± equalling the wings, again a feature of M. altissimus (Tall Melilot). So that is my current conclusion, though it will be good to check mature fruits which should be black rather than brown when mature.


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