Busy B(otanist)s

In no particular order….

Following on from my last post Seth has toured the north of Skye recording Crocosmias, adding records for C. pottsii (Potts’ Montbretia) and sowing confusion about some other specimens. See his blog post. With an addition of my own, Potts’ is now recorded in 15 tetrads, 10 hectads

As well as other forays, Martin has been to tetrad NG46J, a mostly very dull piece of moor with few plant records, but found the NW corner (the farthest from the road of course) to be more interesting and so added 20 species including Silene acaulis (Moss Campion).

John has had a good go at Heribost adding 67 taxa to tetrad NG24S including Salix x fragilis (Hybrid Crack-willow), new to NG24.

Alistair invited me to his croft in Lower Breakish with the promise of some very interesting records and indeed that is what we found. Melilotus officinalis (Ribbed Melilot) is a first vice-county record. I have asked Alistair to check ripe fruits as I am not certain that it is this rather than Melilotus altissimus (Tall Melilot) and ripe fruits will be diagnostic. Either would be new to VC104. (But see next post!)



Amsinckia micrantha (Common Fiddleneck) is new to Skye, though recorded on Muck in 1996.  The only previous record for Thlaspi arvense (Field Penny-cress) in the vice-county was from Soay in 1946. Viola arvensis (Field Pansy) had only two previous records in modern times.

At least the first three of these have come from imported topsoil purchased from the local builders’ merchant in Broadford. The provenance of the soil is unknown but it is likely to have been used all over Skye so these species may start to turn up elsewhere.

We added nine further species to the tetrad list including Chenopodium album (Fat-hen), Salix x multinervis (S. aurita x cinerea) and Veronica persica (Common Field-speedwell).

Yesterday, Skye Nature Group came to Raasay and I was able to show them Pyrola media (Intermediate Wintergreen) and Orthilia secunda (Serrated Wintergreen) along the Glam Burn. We saw this fine group of late instar Parent Bugs (Elasmucha grisea) between Glam and Inver:

Birch Shieldbug

Parent Bug Nymphs

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3 Responses to “Busy B(otanist)s”

  1. Terry Swainbank Says:

    My own trip to Skye on Monday and Tuesday did not add anything. I was looking for suitable habitat for S. zromanzoffiana, south east of Elgol. Nothing!

  2. Stephen Says:

    Shame! Ever hopeful for that on Skye.

  3. That Melilotus | Plants of Skye, Raasay & The Small Isles Says:

    […] An occasional report on botanical and related activity in Skye, Raasay & the Small Isles « Busy B(otanist)s […]

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