Montbretia & Galls

It took me a long time to register that some of the Montbretia in my patch is not Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora (C. aurea x pottsii) but one of the parents – Crocosmia pottsii (Potts’ Montbretia).

Duncan told me a couple of years ago that the latter was frequent in the southern part of VC105  – across the water on the mainland. Then Ian recorded some on Skye and showed it to Seth who has been pointing it out ever since.

I now have it in eight tetrads in seven 10km squares, but I am sure it is in many more. The flower shape and colour are different but perhaps the easiest character is the zigzag nature of the flowering stem in the hybrid compared with being almost straight in Potts’:


Hybrid (left) and Potts’ Montbretia (right). Both West Suisnish, Raasay

Both seem capable of fairly invasive behaviour.

Also a couple of galls near the house today:

Taphrina tosquinetii

The gall caused by the fungus Taphrina tosquinetii on Alder.

Aceria pseudoplatani

Galls caused by the mite Aceria pseudoplatani on Sycamore


4 Responses to “Montbretia & Galls”

  1. Seth Gibson Says:

    And just to be even more of a pest, despite many websites naming it Pott’s Montbretia, or even plain old Potts Montbretia, it is in fact Potts’ Montbretia. You can blame Ian for that too 🙂

    • Seth Gibson Says:

      The leaf blades of Potts’ are more stiffly upright than in the hybrid, which often has drooping/bent over blades. Potts’ is more rigidly erect. I think the leaf blades may be larger (or wider, at least) too.

  2. Stephen Says:

    Oh yes, so it is.

  3. Busy B(otanist)s | Plants of Skye, Raasay & The Small Isles Says:

    […] An occasional report on botanical and related activity in Skye, Raasay & the Small Isles « Montbretia & Galls […]

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