To Coire Balaig

Today I walked from the Bla Bheinn car park to Coire Balaig. Coire Balaig itself turned out to be pretty dull botanically but on the way there and back I made some useful records. The best from my point of view was Carex pauciflora (Few-flowered Sedge) – two sites with plenty of plants. This had no records in NG52 post-1999 and the previous records were at the opposite (NE) corner of the hectad.

Carex pauciflora

Carex pauciflora (Few-flowered Sedge)

This is difficult to find except when the flowers/fruits are there and they don’t last all that long. Also, it tends to be in the middle of otherwise unexciting wet moor which is not that inviting for careful survey.

On Wednesday, I am off to Colonsay for a week in VC 102.


2 Responses to “To Coire Balaig”

  1. Seth Gibson Says:

    Meanwhile, back in VC104, are there any decent sandy (ie hot) areas along our coastline? I’ve discovered that Mottled Grasshopper is seemingly absent from Skye, yet it occurs on the adjacent mainland and the Outer Hebs. At first guess, Marram would be the area to check…Armadale area? Or Breckland habitat, should we have any of that up here……

  2. Stephen Says:

    Glenbrittle Beach is your only hope on Skye by those criteria. Not sure about the “hot” bit.

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