What Else Has Been Going On

Joanna and Julian have had a look at parts of NG60P in Sleat that had not been surveyed before, particularly small areas of woodland. They added nearly 50 taxa to the tetrad including Platanthera chlorantha (Greater Butterfly-orchid) and new to NG60, Carex canescens (White Sedge).

Bridgette re-found the Kalmia procumbens (Trailing Azalea) on An Diallaid. Hoorah!

Les has helped me with some willow issues so that I have settled on Salix x fragilis  (Hybrid Crack-willow) without trying to be too clever for the trees near Borve, confirmed Salix phylicifolia (Tea-leaved Willow) from Kilmauag and sorted out records for Salix x ambigua (S. aurita x repens) that had previously been mis-identified.

A recent specimen with sericeous hairs on young leaves from the S. repens parent:


Here on Raasay, Lisa pointed me towards an Acer with curiously purple undersides to the leaves.


Purple Sycamore

It appears to be Sycamore but why it is that colour remains a mystery.


2 Responses to “What Else Has Been Going On”

  1. David Broughton Says:

    Hi, its purple as its f. purpureum. Very common, both as a planting in its most attractive forms, and self sown.

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