North of Loch Cuithir

Tetrad NG46Q was unique in the vice-county in having 100% land but no records since before 2000. In fact it only had eleven ever. On Tuesday Neil and I sorted that out with the total now being 148. Much of the lower area was pretty dull until we reached the Abhhainn Gremiscaig (as it is on the OS Map – surely Abbhainn isn’t right?). From there on, heading up the hill to the 300m mark, things perked up with Botrychium lunaria (Moonwort), Diphasiastrum alpinum (Alpine Clubmoss), Epilobium alsinifolium (Chickweed Willowherb), Saxifraga hypnoides (Mossy Saxifrage), Thalictrum alpinum (Alpine Meadow-rue), etc.

Epilobium alsinifolium

Epilobium alsinifolium

Botrychium lunaria

First time I’ve been on a bike for a serious ride in I don’t know how many years – but neither of us fancied taking our cars along the Lealt track.


2 Responses to “North of Loch Cuithir”

  1. Nick Hodgetts Says:

    Thanks for the 3 bryos in the moonwort photo! Now the tetrad total is up to 10! Needs a visit.

  2. Stephen Says:

    Pleased to be of assistance!

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