Yesterday Neil and I went to the Geary Ravine SSSI and then moved south to take in some woodland along the coast in the same tetrad. We got to parts of the Geary Ravine that I had never managed before but still failed to re-find any of the quite long list of things found by John Birks over 45 years ago that have not been recorded since. I suspect as a young man doing his PhD work he got to parts that I never will now.

However, having inspected the Equisetum hyemale (Rough Horsetail) and so on, we moved south to the known site for Neottia nidus-avis (Bird’s-nest Orchid) and found just one:

Neottia nidus-ais

Neottia nidus-avis (Bird’s-nest Orchid)

Nearby, and also a bit further away, we spotted new sites for Cephalanthera longifolia (Narrow-leaved Helleborine), past flowering and sadly not having set any fruits.

Cephalanthera longifolia

Cephalanthera longifolia (Narrow-leaved Helleborine)

We also found Bromopsis ramosa (Hairy-brome), previously recorded from the ravine but not since 1982 and Scrophularia nodosa (Common Figwort) never before recorded from this tetrad but one that had been recorded in NG26 pre-2000 only.

A very useful and enjoyable day, and nobody died.


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