Loch Coruisk and Beyond (Updated)

On Friday, I took the boat from Elgol to Loch Coruisk and circumnavigated the latter. At the north end I went part way up Glac Mhòr, though only to about 300m.

Loch Coruisk

Loch Coruisk from Glac Mhòr

This area is generally very species-poor but along the northeast side of the loch there is a small area of birch and hazel that yielded quite a few species not seen in the surrounding moor.

At about 300m on Glac Mhòr there is a surprisingly rich overhang with an unexpected mix of plants. As well as the unsurprising Cystopteris fragilis (Brittle Bladder-fern), Chrysosplenium oppositifolium (Opposite-leaved Golden-saxifrage), Hieracium sp. (Hawkweed) etc., there were Ficaria verna subsp. fertilis (Lesser Celandine), Geranium robertianum (Herb-Robert) and Rumex obtusifolius (Broad-leaved Dock) none of which have been previously recorded for some distance in any direction.

I should have taken a photograph but I was concentrating on wriggling back out of the overhang. The day much improved the status of recording in NG42L which is now off the  bottom of the Cuillin tetrads in terms of post-1999 taxa at 79 cf 19 at the beginning of the year. Thanks to mountaineers who have contributed high-level records.

There were some fine old hollies:

Ancient Holly

Ancient Holly

and a few nice insects.

Small Pearl-borderd Fritillary

Small Pearl-borderd Fritillary

Sawfly probably Tenthredo olivacea TBC

Sawfly: Rhogogaster viridis (Thanks, Jenni.)

and a stonefly:


Stonefly:  Siphonoperla torrentium (TBC, Thanks, Craig)


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