Records Received

Various folks have sent interesting records recently:

The day after the Skye Botany Group outing, Ro went to Loch Beag and the surrounding area in tetrad NG45E to re-find Carex limosa (Bog-sedge) and Eleogiton fluitans (Floating Club-rush) not recorded in NG45 since before 2000. She succeeded in both and also made a major improvement to records in that tetrad more generally.

Seth had sent records from near Borve and Rubha Phòil adding a number of tetrad records and adding Thuja plicata (Western Red-cedar) to the Skye list (though known from Raasay and with older records from Rum and Eigg).

Neil has spotted Tellima grandiflora (Fringecups) near the main road through Glen Varragill, a new 10km square record.

Up in the hills, Paul sent me pictures of plants in Coire na Banachdich in 2016 and added Arabidopsis petraea (Northern Rock-cress) and Saxifraga stellaris (Starry Saxifrage) to the tetrad, while Rob sent me various plant images from high in the Cuillins last year.

Meanwhile, Birna had been to see the Potamogeton coloratus (Fen Pondweed) in Loch Cill Chriosd and the Eriocaulon aquaticum (Pipewort) in Loch nam Madah Uisge.

Potomageton coloratus LCC Birna Rørslet (1)

Potomageton coloratus © Birna Rørslett

Potomageton coloratus LCC Birna Rørslet (2)

Potomageton coloratus © Birna Rørslett

Many thanks to all for the records and for permission to use images. If I have missed someone out who made an important find recently, I apologise. Please tell me so that I can feature you later.


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    […] Neil reported Tellima grandiflora (Fringecups) as a garden throw-out from a lay-by in Glen Varragill and said there were other things in the […]

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