I hadn’t been to Wiay for nine years during which time there has been no grazing – well almost no grazing: I saw one enormous old sheep with a huge shaggy coat and immense horns who had obviously been missed when the rest were taken off about ten years ago. Anyway, it made the going pretty tough over much of the island with thigh-high wet Molinia.

I added 56 taxa to the list for NG23X, which I had only visited briefly in 2009. The far west had some splendid water-lily pools and Nick found Vaccinium oxycoccos (Cranberry) just over the border from its known locations in NG23Y.


Wiay Pool

I did spot the Cranberry in NG23Y where I had seen it before:


Vaccinium oxycoccos (Cranberry)

– a rare plant in NW Scotland.

We may have had a bit of rain recently but in some places, the vegetation is not going to recover this year:


Cliff-top Vegetation

Nick ended up with 72 bryophyte in NG23X and 80 in NG23Y. Neither of us got into the part of the island in NG33D – but this tetrad has more land on Oronsay and near Ullinish on the Skye mainland, so we concentrated on the tetrads unique to Wiay.



2 Responses to “Wiay”

  1. skyeent Says:

    Pale berries. Is that normal for UK, or do they darken as they ripen.

  2. Stephen Says:

    They will ripen to a redder colour – but this is a different species from the commercial product.

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