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Garden Veronica

June 5, 2018

Steve has found a large speedwell growing by the roadside in Broadford:

(Top two photos S. Terry, bottom photo SJB.)

We have decided it is the hybrid rather than pure Veronica longifolia (Garden Speedwell) as it is really quite hairy. First record for Scotland – though far from established yet being a single plant near other plants of garden origin like Lysimachia punctata (Dotted Loosestrife).


Gleb Dibidal, Skye

June 3, 2018

Yesterday was a long haul – away on the 0755 ferry, back on the 2100 and, apart from driving to and from Ramasaig and a bit of time at Sconser waiting for the late ferry, walking all the time. But a lot of fun was had and a lot of useful record made.

I had two main objectives, firstly to update records for NG13 and secondly to improve the record counts of 8 and 10 for tetrads NG23E and NG24A, all 18 being down to Nick whilst bryologising in 2015.

Having made over 600 plant records in total, I could go on at some length.  However, here are a few highlights. Carex paniculata (Greater Tussock-sedge) in NG13 was recorded once before, by a BSBI field meeting in 1958.


Carex paniculata (Greater Tussock-sedge)

Carlina vulgaris (Carline Thistle) was new to NG13


Carlina vulgaris (Carline Thistle)

The mouth of the Dibidal River is lovely:

The gorge is botanically rich with e.g. Rubus saxatilis (Stone Bramble) and Viburnum opulus (Guelder-rose); there is a large patch of Blysmus rufus (Saltmarsh Flat-sedge) and a steeply sloping “grassy” bank containing saltmarsh/coastal rock plants like Carex distans (Distant Sedge), Glaux maritima (Sea-milkwort), Juncus gerardii (Saltmarsh Rush) and Plantago coronopus (Buck’s-horn Plantain).

Lots of insect interest too e.g. Tipula maxima. I was going to say this appears to be the first for Skye but Seth had two in his moth-trap the same day which I suspect he opened a few hours earlier than I found this one.


Tipula maxima

I saw two dragonfly and three damselfly species plus a variety of moths and butterflies.


Scotch Argus Larva      (Thanks Seth for i.d.)




June 1, 2018

Lots of moth and fly news but here are a couple of highlights:

Along with moths of 11 other species there were two Poplar Hawk-moths in or near the trap last night:

A V-pug in the garden today, only the second record for Skye/Raasay:



Edinbane Wind Farm Again

June 1, 2018

Four years ago I went to the Edinbane Wind Farm area and found what turned out to be Senecio inaequidens (Narrow-leaved Ragwort). On Wednesday I went into another part of the wind farm and found some more in a different tetrad, NG61N. This tetrad had only three earlier records of which I re-found two and upped the total against all odds to nearly 100 taxa. Against all odds because this is mostly pretty tedious moorland and a large area had been burned quite recently. The wind farm road added a few ruderal species.

Being a glutton for punishment, instead of walking to the tetrad up the wind farm track from Edinbane, I followed the Abhainn Choishleadar which allowed me to add a few taxa to two other tetrads.

This hoverfly feeding on Cardamine pratensis (Cuckooflower/Lady’s-smock) is Sericomyia silentis, not rare but the first of the year for Murdo as well as for me:


Sericomyia silentis