Gleb Dibidal, Skye

Yesterday was a long haul – away on the 0755 ferry, back on the 2100 and, apart from driving to and from Ramasaig and a bit of time at Sconser waiting for the late ferry, walking all the time. But a lot of fun was had and a lot of useful record made.

I had two main objectives, firstly to update records for NG13 and secondly to improve the record counts of 8 and 10 for tetrads NG23E and NG24A, all 18 being down to Nick whilst bryologising in 2015.

Having made over 600 plant records in total, I could go on at some length.  However, here are a few highlights. Carex paniculata (Greater Tussock-sedge) in NG13 was recorded once before, by a BSBI field meeting in 1958.


Carex paniculata (Greater Tussock-sedge)

Carlina vulgaris (Carline Thistle) was new to NG13


Carlina vulgaris (Carline Thistle)

The mouth of the Dibidal River is lovely:

The gorge is botanically rich with e.g. Rubus saxatilis (Stone Bramble) and Viburnum opulus (Guelder-rose); there is a large patch of Blysmus rufus (Saltmarsh Flat-sedge) and a steeply sloping “grassy” bank containing saltmarsh/coastal rock plants like Carex distans (Distant Sedge), Glaux maritima (Sea-milkwort), Juncus gerardii (Saltmarsh Rush) and Plantago coronopus (Buck’s-horn Plantain).

Lots of insect interest too e.g. Tipula maxima. I was going to say this appears to be the first for Skye but Seth had two in his moth-trap the same day which I suspect he opened a few hours earlier than I found this one.


Tipula maxima

I saw two dragonfly and three damselfly species plus a variety of moths and butterflies.


Scotch Argus Larva      (Thanks Seth for i.d.)



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