Loch Vorvin

Loch Vorvin is at the southern end of Waternish and sits in tetrad NG25X. The only previous records for this tetrad were 16 species from the 1989 Freshwater Loch Survey. Yesterday Skye Botany Group set out to improve that and indeed we did, though this is a species-poor area and the taxon total now sits at a massive 86 vascular plants. Bryophytes were also thin on the ground. However, we did see Neottia cordata (Lesser Twayblade) in flower:

Neottia cordata Photo S. Terry

Neottia cordata     Photo: S. Terry

The good news was that the burn we followed from the road to get to the target tetrad was quite rich with both plant and invertebrate life so we were able to stand the tedium of the target area better – and the views from the top were excellent.

Nick recorded 95 bryophytes from NG25S and 80 from NG25X including Scapania aequiloba on the basalt outcrops by the burn low down and Philonotis arnellii on bare soil by the loch.

Vascular plants recorded on the day numbered 120 and 80 respectively.



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