Moth Trap

I put the trap in the polytunnel last night in an attempt to frustrate the robin who has noticed where I normally put it. By the time I got to it this morning it was quite warm in there so I don’t know how many moths had already disappeared, but most were not in the trap but on the walls of the polytunnel and pretty lively, creating something of a photographic challenge. One is still to be identified as it is still to be found lurking somewhere in the conservatory – perhaps at dusk?

I recorded 11, a twelfth being a bit too worn to be sure, including three Early Thorn and a Clouded Border:

Later: The thirteenth moth duly emerged and turned out to be a Brown Silver-line:


Brown Silver-line

Also, my annual two-banded longhorn beetle (Rhagium bifasciatum) turned up on the garage wall. Readers with long memories will remember that I see one of these every year at almost exactly the same date. I mustn’t look around the garden too carefully lest I find a second and spoil my run….


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    […] home I have spoilt my record of one per year by finding another two-banded longhorn beetle (Rhagium bifasciatum) this morning. I am also getting […]

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