Skye & Raasay Woodland Survey 1987

A little over thirty years ago Viv Halcrow completed “A Preliminary Survey of Native Woodland on the Isles of Skye and Raasay” for the Nature Conservancy Council.  Whilst I have acquired a few records from this report over the years, mostly from Raasay, I have this year had access to the original data.

Viv surveyed 101 woodland sites and from all bar seven of these that spanned two 10 km squares, I have managed to extract 9,628 useful records. For 34 sites I have been able to allocate the records to a monad, for 35 to a tetrad and for the remaining 26 only to a hectad as the site spans two or more tetrads. (I know 7+34+35+26=102 – one site was recorded as two separate sections.)

This has resulted in several new 10km square records e.g. Asplenium ruta-muraria (Wall-rue) in NG71 at Allt Cailte and rather a lot of new tetrad records – making me realise just how many areas of woodland I have not visited on Skye.

Given the relative paucity of tetrad or better records from before 2000, this has been a real boon.


2 Responses to “Skye & Raasay Woodland Survey 1987”

  1. Steve Terry Says:

    So will the Skye Botany Group be looking to update some of those 30 year old records next year?

  2. Stephen Says:

    Could well be…..

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