Edible Plants

My contribution to Am Bratach, the Raasay Community Newsletter, this month concerns Edible Plants and can be accessed via a link on the Recording & Resources page of my website.


5 Responses to “Edible Plants”

  1. skyeent Says:

    Have you tried bitter vetch? I’ve not had a chance yet, but think it probably is like a licorice flavoured chew.

  2. skyeent Says:

    Also, meadowsweet cordial, which I made for the first time last year is delicious! Rather like honey. You have to avoid the stalks or it tastes medicinal apparently, and it probably is medicinal, since aspirin came from meadowsweet originally (as well as willow). Ground elder cordial is also surprisingly nice, use only the very smallest shoots before the leaves unfold. Supposed to be good for gout, but I found it just as nice as elderflower. I wasn’t impressed by hawthorne cordial, although the ripe berries are a pleasant enough titbit.

  3. Stephen Says:

    Thanks for those. I was sure folks would know of other things…

  4. Terry swainbank Says:

    A couple that you might have added are nettle, and wild garlic, though I am not sure how common the latter is on Raasay.

    • Stephen Says:

      I did mention nettles briefly: “Young Stinging Nettles can be used as greens or to make soup, beer or tea” but you are quite right that I forgot Ransoms. There are a few Raasay sites (8 monads).

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