Vegetation Monitoring in Coir’ an t-Seasgaich

Long-term followers of this blog will know that I do this every year. This is the final year of the current contract and yesterday I had my first day of the season up there.

Quite apart from the vegetation itself there were a couple of notable occurrences. Firstly, one of the experimental plots has recently had a large boulder through it from the cliffs above, breaking down the Rylock & rabbit wire on all three fences and smashing a fence post:

Site 4 RU divide fence damage (2)LR

I was glad this did not happen while I was kneeling on the grass.

Secondly, in order to assess litter cover I throw a quadrat within the treatment site to give random locations. On the final site I threw my quadrat about 2 m. It stood up on end and headed off down the hill, over a cliff and on to the corry below, making a metallic clanging sound and scattering sheep. It travelled about 250m down the slope, from whence I recovered it.

Just as well it was the last site.

It is very dry underfoot up there this year.


One Response to “Vegetation Monitoring in Coir’ an t-Seasgaich”

  1. Seth Says:

    Hilarious botanical mishaps are the best type of mishaps!

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