Vascular Plant Taxa per Hectad post-1999

An idle few moments on a wet day has led to this:

Hectad taxa post-1999a

No further comment , really…..


5 Responses to “Vascular Plant Taxa per Hectad post-1999”

  1. Terry swainbank Says:

    Post 1999 – the Bungard Years?

  2. Stephen Says:

    Pretty much – though I must acknowledge the contributions of others – in numbers of records Steve Terry is clearly second.

  3. Terry swainbank Says:

    Quite an achievement; well done.What is it about that small corner of Rum which is mostly sea but has 568 taxa?

  4. Stephen Says:

    Kinloch Castle. Lots of planted things plus that is where everybody stays (and records).

  5. Stephen Says:

    I should also have mentioned all the effort that went into “The Flora of Rum” re both comments above.

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