Still Off-piste

There is so much more I could report about three days spent in VC105 but here is just one: Trientalis europaea (Chickweed-wintergreen).  This is a plant not known in VC104 but in 2001 I found it to the south of Applecross, just 10km from the east coast of Raasay.

In 1960 a visitor reported it from Arnish/Torran on Raasay but his description of it as “in woods” suggested it was at least fairly frequent.  After 34 years of botanising Raasay I can say that it isn’t. The 1960 record has been treated as an error, perhaps for Anemone nemorosa (Wood Anemone)?

Anyway, BRC’s Online Atlas of the British and Irish flora describes it as “A deciduous perennial herb of moist, acidic and humus-rich, but often fertile, soils in Betula, Pinus and Quercus woodland and on moorland; less commonly on heaths,” which is very reasonable judging by all the sites I know.  However, on Saturday I found it near Cluanie in a very wet habitat with Juncus effusus (Soft-rush) and Viola palustris (Marsh Violet).

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Since you insist, I will offer a second item…..

Both Hieracium holosericeum (Shaggy Hawkweed) and Hieracium subglobosum (Subglobose Hawkweed) are known in the Kyleakin Hills. On Thursday I spotted both in the area near the top of the Bealach na Bà. The former was known from that area but the latter was not.

Hieracium holosericeum VC105

Hieracium holosericeum (Shaggy Hawkweed)

Hieracium subglobosum VC105

Hieracium subglobosum (Subglobose Hawkweed)

These are the two commonest alpine hawkweeds in NW Scotland.


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