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Skye Botany Group at Staffin

June 4, 2017

Yesterday we went to a coastal area near Staffin and recorded 191 taxa in a previously under-recorded tetrad, NG56D.

The following were new to the 10km square NG56:

Blysmus rufus (Saltmarsh Flat-sedge)
Carex hostiana x lepidocarpa
Eleocharis multicaulis (Many-stalked Spike-rush)
Fraxinus excelsior (Ash) (Planted)
Gymnadenia borealis (Heath Fragrant-orchid) (But only because older records had not been assigned to what was then a subspecies Gymnadenia conopsea subsp. borealis)
Lemna minor (Common Duckweed)
Luzula multiflora subsp. congesta (Heath Wood-rush)
Saxifraga x urbium (Londonpride) (Roadside, garden throw-out)
Triglochin maritima (Sea Arrowgrass)

and Ribes nigrum (Black Currant) about 2 metres outside the tetrad in NG56C.
We also spotted a number of insects, leaf-mines, leaf-spots and rusts, some of which are still to be determined.

Moth Trap

June 1, 2017

Last night the moth trap attracted 23 moths including a Beautiful Brocade and a Light Knot Grass, which I have not had before.  The Light Knot Grass is a bit worn.

I also attracted a fine caddis fly:

Caddis 170601

but I don’t think I am going to get it determined to species.


June 1, 2017

I started the day with the intention of covering tetrads NG54E (97% land), NG54J (1%) and NG55F (3%) which had 7, 0 and 17 previously recorded taxa respectively. However I only covered the first, which turned out to have an excellent range of habitats from the scree of Fiurnean to lush coastal woodland.

Before I had even reached the target tetrad and only 150m from the car I found a patch of Carex paniculata (Greater Tussock-sedge). This is turning out to be not quite as rare as earlier records had suggested, though it remains far from common on Skye:

Cxpanic map

Highlights from Fiurnean included a group of crucifers growing more-or-less together: Arabidopsis thaliana (Thale Cress), Arabis hirsuta (Hairy Rock-cress), Draba incana (Hoary Whitlowgrass) and Erophila glabrescens (Glabrous Whitlowgrass). Also present on the cliffs were Alchemilla alpina (Alpine Lady’s-mantle), Botrychium lunaria (Moonwort) and Saxifraga hypnoides (Mossy Saxifrage), while down below towards the coast there were Equisetum telmateia (Great Horsetail) and Saxifraga aizoides (Yellow Saxifrage).

Steve’s May Records

June 1, 2017

On the last day of the month Steve added Doronicum pardalianches (Leopard’s-bane) to the vice-county list as an escape near Hinnisdal Bridge.  Previously, Mull was the farthest up the west coast it had been recorded.


Doronicum pardalianches at Hinnisdale Photo: S Terry

New hectad records in May included Saxifraga x urbium (Londonpride) and, as previously reported, Sagina subulata (Heath Pearlwort), both at Tarskavaig.

It is also good to see reports of Cephalanthera longifolia (Narrow-leaved Helleborine) from him and Tim at a site I didn’t get to revisit this year.