Otherwise known as tetrad NG56B. NG56 as a whole needs a bit more work, though only 12% is land. NG56B has 97% land but until yesterday only 61 vascular plant species were recorded. Yesterday I recorded 171 (may rise to 172 once I have sorted out a young sedge) making the new tetrad count about 180. It turned out to be quite a rich tetrad, the highlight being a huge colony of Equisetum pratense (Shady Horsetail) including a few fertile shoots.

equisetum pratense NG56B

Equisetum pratense Shady Horsetail   Fertile and sterile shoots

After  some time on the moor, roadside , cliffs, etc., I expected to add a few more along the shore but even though I walked most of the shoreline I did not find any suitable habitat for things like Glaux maritima (Sea-milkwort) and Juncus gerardii (Saltmarsh Rush) or Tripleurospermum maritimum (Sea Mayweed) and Atriplex spp. (Oraches).

Coastal Woodland Herishader

Coastal rocky woodland below Herishader

and finally, a watercress garnish:

Nasturtium officinale agg

Nasturtium officinale agg.

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