The Uchd Mòr & Cnoc an t-Sithein area

Tetrad NG33W had only five vascular plant records before today, two of which were mine. The count now stands at 154 which for an April visit feels like a pretty good step forward.

This tetrad is home to Skye’s largest population of Carex paniculata (Great Tussock-sedge). Deirdre pointed me towards this population and one miserable October morning I went and had a look.  Today I spent more time on the matter and found that the population extends along a small unnamed burn for over 300m, plus a couple of outliers another 250m north.

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Some things in flower today:

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Other interesting plants included Arabidopsis thaliana (Thale Cress) and Sambucus nigra (Elder) on cliffs above Loch Harport, the latter interesting because it is a long way from habitation.

Across Loch Harport there was a pleasing view:



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