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Ardmore, Waternish

November 24, 2016

Encouraged by bits of Zostera marina (Eelgrass) in the seaweed washed up outside my house, yesterday I went to see if I could find any at Ardmore as it had been recorded there in October 1964. No luck. I have records for this marine angiosperm from almost every month of the year – often as wash-ups after rough weather.

I had thought of going on in search of another old record for it but found myself walking round Ardmore Point which took me into a different 10km square. The relevant tetrad is NG25E of which only 1.6% is land.  I have walked it before, in September 2007, and the taxon count was at 91. I added six more common species but was pleased to spot Orobanche alba (Thyme Broomrape) at this time of year.


Orobanche alba (Thyme Broomrape)

It was interesting to find several plants in flower such as these:

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and Ranunculus flammula subsp. flammula (Lesser Spearwort) – no photo. The primrose was amongst the small boulders at the top of the shore.

Some ferns and horsetails were looking OK, though the horsetail will die right back soon.

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Curiously, some of the Outer Isles appeared to be floating, Laputa-like:


Saltmarsh Plants

November 2, 2016

My contribution to the November issue of the Raasay Community Newsletter concerns some of Raasay’s saltmarsh plants and is available from the Recording and Resources page of my website.