Skye Botany Group at Eynort

On Wednesday went to Eynort and spent most of the time following the Allt nam Fitheach, particularly in its gorge in NG3827. It was tricky in places and we eventually had to climb out of the gorge and head along the top for a bit because of this:

SBG end of road

This tetrad already had 209 taxa recorded in it, mostly from a visit I made in 2006. However, we were in a different part of the tetrad this time and added the following to the 10 km square NG32:

  • Berberis darwinii (Darwin’s Barberry)
  • Bromopsis ramosa (Hairy-brome)
  • Ilex aquifolium (Holly) Really!
  • Larix x marschlinsii (Hybrid Larch)
  • Pinus contorta (Lodgepole Pine)
  • Trichophorum x foersteri (T. cespitosum x germanicum)
  • Tsuga heterophylla (Western Hemlock-spruce)

and a further 38 taxa to the tetrad.

There were plenty of fungi around including this:

Clavulina rugosa maybe 1

which I think is Clavulina rugosa.

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