Steve’s July Records

Despite being away for a good chunk of the month, Steve has sent over 400 plant records from Skye in July. Included in these were Diphasiastrum alpinum (Alpine Clubmoss) and Cryptogramma crispa (Parsley Fern) from an altitude of just 92m. For the former this is about the lowest ever recorded in the British Isles

Some records from Ardnish were also very welcome: Sagina nodosa (Knotted Pearlwort) is within a few metres of a 1995 record not previously re-found and the nearby Salicornia (Glasswort) is a new site.

He has also been finding smuts on Carex echinata (Star Sedge) and Carex panicea (Carnation Sedge), the latter being uncommon locally.

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