Broadford to Loch Loncahan

This week has seen the final round of my annual surveys at Loch Lonachan. It is still full of minnows.

On the way along the track from the Heaste road, put in by Scottish Water a couple of years ago, there was this cup fungus which I take to be a Peziza, but as these cannot be distinguished without microscopy and I did not take a specimen I shall not be bothering my mycologist friends with this one. Presumably there is something organic under the stones.

Peziza sp.jpg

Peziza sp.

There were a couple of sites for Eriophorum latifolium (Broad-leaved Cottongrass) by the path and one of these was accompanied by a good patch of Carex pauciflora (Few-flowered Sedge), a plant that is reasonably obvious for only a few weeks of the year and is in need of more old records being re-found.

Carex pauciflora LR

Carex pauciflora

Two days running there was a Hen Harrier in the area, which was nice.

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