Druim na Coille

Druim na Coille is a lower stretch of the Trotternish Ridge and lies within tetrad NG45H for which there were until today just two records, Gymnocarpium dryopteris (Oak Fern) and Salix caprea (Goat Willow), both of which I re-found today, along with 173 other taxa.

Gymnocarpium dryopteris 20160622

Gymnocarpium dryopteris

The Druim (ridge) does have some trees (Coille = wood): Betula pubescens (Downy Birch), Corylus avellana (Hazel), Salix aurita (Eared Willow), Salix caprea (Goat Willow) and Sorbus aucuparia (Rowan) in contrast to stretches of the ridge to the north and south.

The Lòn Shobhar-airigh is a rich burn with two sites for Orthilia secunda (Serrated Wintergreen).

Orthilia 20160622

I also spotted this on an apparently unnamed pinnacle below Druim na Coille.


Unnamed pinnacle

The only previous record for this species in the 10km square NG46 is from 1968 “near Steinscholl”.

There were montane plants on the ridge like Oxyria digyna (Mountain Sorrel) and Saxifraga oppositifolia (Purple Saxifrage) and plants that were both up high(ish) and along the burn like Saxifraga hypnoides (Mossy Saxifrage) and Trollius europaeus (Globeflower). There was moor and bog and Epilobium alsinifolium (Chickweed Willowherb) and Saxifraga stellaris (Starry Saxifrage) in springs and rills.

All in all a very pleasing day.


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